Cornish RANGE

Using apples sourced from the untamed de[ths of west cornwall, our cornish ciders reveal light and fresh flavour with gentle acidity and summer sweetness

cornish crisp - 5.5% 

• Aroma: clean and clear apple sent, young early season apples with crisp and fresh acidity.

• Palette: fresh and rounded with a smooth kick of bitter sharp apples, a gentle dryness with a light peppery apple flavour.

• Overall: The young and refreshing flavour is matched by fine acidity. A true cider for the cider lovers.

• Food Pairing: Goes well with Asian food, shellfish & cured meats.


Cornish Smooth - 5.5%

Cornish Smooth is a fresh cider with hints of toffee apple. Made from early season apples from West Cornwall, Cornish Smooth is a truly versatile cider.

• Aroma: smooth sweetness with rounded acidity, a toffee apple finish, honey dew notes and a fresh vibrancy.

• Palette: fresh green and red apples with a golden-brown sugar finish backed by rounded tannins.

• Overall: a blend of hand-selected apples This is a truly versatile cider.

• Food Pairing: Sushi, mackerel & summer salads.


Tin and gold 6%

Tin and gold is a still cider with bite of an apple freshness  

Aroma: Crisp smooth apples, subtle citrus fruit acidity

Palette: blended full-bodied tannins, rich autumnal apples,

Overall: warm blend of vintage apples from our 2016

harvest, blended to give a full and balanced flavour, gentle acidity and a smooth sweetness.