Inspired by the wild moorland leading down to the rugged coast, our Exmoor ciders show the best of Somerset vintage cider apples, with bold flavours rooted in tradition

Exmoor Clear - 5.5% 

Exmoor Clear is a dry cider of remarkable colour and character, blended from vintage quality Somerset cider apples.

Silver medal winner 2016 British cider championships

• Aroma: Crisp fresh apples, lemon peel, caramelised spices

• Palette: Sharp smooth apples, autumnal spices, soft brown sugar, apple peel, honeydew

• Overall: Refreshing and clean, with vintage apple flavors. This award-winning small batch cider balances full-bodied fruit with sharp natural acidity and a lightly spiced finish.

• Food Pairing: Roast Pork, Cheddar, Chinese food, charcuterie.


Exmoor Mellow - 5.5%

Exmoor Mellow is a smooth, easy drinking cider with delicious spicy notes, blended from high quality varieties such as Harry Masters Jersey and Kingston Black.

Reserve champion and Gold medal winner British Cider Championships 2017.

• Aroma: Cinnamon apples, grapefruit, honey

• Palette: Juicy apples, soft brown sugar, caramelised apples peel, warm acidity

• Overall: Smooth and confident. This multi award-winning small batch cider balances smooth summer warmth with delicate notes of honey, spice and hand selected apples variety’s.

• Food Pairing: Pan fried fish, spring greens, cheese boards, seafood platters.


Wild Rabbit 6%

the wild rabbit runs from the moor to the sea. Catch it if you can....

wild rabbit is a still, traditional cider. with strong oak notes and a medium dry finish, this is a cider to be sessioned in an exmoor pub or tavern whilst the folk band plays and the wind howls outside.....